We are currently in the Second Quarter of tax year 2018. 

The following Upcoming Due Dates for Sales/Payroll/Estimated Taxes:


Apr 16, 2018             IRS-941/943 Payroll Tax Payment-monthly depositors

                                  Form 1040/Form 1040-ES 

Apr 20, 2018             Florida State Sales/Solid Waste/Doc Stamp Tax 

May 15, 2018            IRS-941/943 Payroll Tax Payments-monthly depositors

May 21, 2018            Florida State Sales/Solid Waste/Doc Stamp Tax

Jun 15, 2018             IRS-941/943 Payroll Tax Payments-monthly depositors/1040-ES

Jun 20, 2018             Florida State Sales/Solid Waste/Doc Stamp Tax